How to Get Away with Plagiarism?

Check it here if you want to know how to get away with plagiarism. You must be aware that it is a deliberate form of copying content without citing. Based on statistics, about 32% of undergraduate students have confessed to paraphrasing or copying a few sentences from sources but without citing them.

One of the best ways to prevent duplicates is to use techniques, including quoting and use a copy plagiarism checker.

Tips of How to Detect Plagiarism Online

Today, it is very easy to learn how to how to plagiarize a paper that has many similarities with the original source. Submitting or publishing such content is plagiarism. To know how to detect plagiarism online, follow these simple steps.

  • Use Google for fragment searches. It will show you results on how to plagiarize a paper. It reveals copies on the web that have the same content as you do.
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    Choose from a wide range of online tools. One of the most useful sources of help is CopyChecker.org. It has an easy and simple interface. In fact, all you need is to copy and paste your text to the box given and then press the button to check the text. Wait for a couple of seconds and it will return the results to you. It is a widely used source for checking paper against plagiarism. Another effective tool for the task is Copyscape.com, which is one of the most used on how to get away with plagiarism in college. It can scan text effectively, locate copies on the web and compare it with other sources to scan for any duplication.

  • Use services. There are professional writers and editors that you can also depend on in order to come up with a unique content with proper citation, including APA, MLA or Chicago. The whole point is that they do not plagiarize but write unique content for their clients. You can make use of such service as another alternative on how to get away with plagiarism in college.

How to Get Rid of Plagiarism

To learn how to get rid of plagiarism is not easy but it can be with constant practice. When writing, you can use different techniques to avoid copying text of the original author. For example is paraphrasing. It is a widely used technique to get rid of plagiarism in your paper. What you do here is to rewrite the text in your own words and use your voice. It can be as long as the original source. To do it right, follow these steps:

  • Read and understand the paragraph you’re looking to rewrite. Do it a couple of times until you’re sure that you understand the context of the source. Begin note taking some clues or keywords to remind you of key points.
  • Begin writing. When done, you can use the tools on how to detect plagiarism, but for now, you must start with the process of rewriting and write what you have understood from the source.
  • Compare your work with the original. See to it that you did not miss on the most important points presented in the copy. Do not try to inject personal opinion in the text. This is not the time for that because this is not a literary review.

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Another way to learn how to prevent plagiarism and then later check if you applied ways on how to detect plagiarism online, you must learn how to quote; however, you must not do it very often. Quoting is useful if you cannot make use of other words to replace the text in the original, especially technical terms and proper names.

In all cases, you must also be able to use proper citation if you’re using the idea or certain ideas of a certain author. This is one of the best ways on how to get rid of copying and pasting text from your source. Learn how to use proper citation based on your instructor’s instructions – APA, MLA, Chicago or any other citation styles.

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Consequences for Plagiarism

If you’re an author trying to build trust with your readers, one of the worst things to commit is plagiarism. It will not help in building your reputation but copying and pasting will taint it. You must also be aware that there are copyright laws existing, and you must comply with them if you don’t want to be sued for using someone’s work without citing. To ensure that you’re on the right path, you can also make use of a free plagiarism finder or any duplicate content checking tool that will help you spot for copied and pasted content or duplicate ones before publishing your work – including a blog, a book or a research paper. The same goes for students who can rely on a free plagiarism finder to ensure that they’re submitting an original essay to their teacher.

Follow this guide and learn how to get away with plagiarism today!