Copy Plagiarism Checker: Ways to Detect the Copied Content

Are you looking to use copy plagiarism checker? The rising cases of plagiarism especially among students are alarming. According to the recent statistics from Check for Plagiarism, 36% of students in undergraduate schools are plagiarizing written material (Psychological Record Study, 1997).

Additionally, even high achievers who participated in a 1998 survey admitted that they cheated on schoolwork stated the Who’s Who American High School Students publishers. These cases become more prevalent in this internet age where writing assignment can be found online. In this case, there is more and more of stolen content being submitted to professors and teachers.

How to Check Copy Paste

If you want to learn how to check copy-paste, there are certain steps to follow to check for duplicates, opposite of words and synonyms. But today, let us focus on the steps to take in order to check for plagiarism.

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Do a Google fragment search. Just copy and then paste certain words on the search bar, and check for duplicate content. This is one of the benefits you can also get from a copy plagiarism checker. This tool works in helping you spot for duplicate content on the web. The copy plagiarism checker works instantly just like the Google fragment search. All you need is to type in text and then press the button to start.

Copy and Paste Plagiarism Checker

There are also tools to use for copy and paste plagiarism checker. They are available in free and paid versions. You can start with the free tool to check on the reliability of the tool in scanning for copied text.


copyscapeIt is an online copy-paste plagiarism check to use if you want to get the best results in spotting for copied content on the web. While the copy-paste plagiarism check is free, you can also opt for the more detailed results by signing up and buying credits. You will be charged for each page you’re checking with it. You can also cut and paste the URL into a specific search box, and it will start looking online to find any copies of your text on the web.


copycheckerIt is another cool to use on how to check whether an article is copied. All you need is to visit the site and then look for the box where to type your text. You can also copy and paste from word, and then press the scanner button to get the results within seconds. Using it, you don’t need to subscribe for any monthly fee because it is free. You don’t also need to download the tool to your PC, but use it straight. You can get started on how to check whether an article is copied by using the tool now.


grammarlyThe site is one of the most useful tools for checking for plagiarized content on the web. You can also make use of the one-week trial to check on the effectiveness of this tool for the task. You may also cancel your subscription before you used up all the seven days. While you can take advantage of the free version, using the paid one is more effective for it provides a more detailed report.


WriteCheckThe plagiarism scanner is only a paid version, and it requires you to subscribe for a specific payment option. You can get started using it for only $7.95 for checking your paper. It is perfect for college and university students who want to make sure that their content is perfect and with citations. The tool can help ensure that the paper is also 100% free from plagiarism. So if you’re looking for a plagiarism scanner for college papers, you may want to try this one for the best results.


PlagScanThe plagiarism essay scanner is another effective tool for checking your papers versus plagiarism. However, the tool is only available for a paid version. A few features of the product include accurate checking of your paper against plagiarism.

There you have the most useful tools for a plagiarism essay scanner that you can depend on if you want an original content, whether you’re a student, a writer or a business executive.

how to check whether an article is copied

Getting Started with Plagiarism Essay Scanner

There are many benefits to get using any of the tools we’ve listed here in checking your paper for originality. Why submit an original content? No teacher or professor wants to read a copied and pasted text. You should not also put your reputation at risk and put yourself into trouble by copying another person’s content. Additionally, you must ensure that you’re submitting an original essay for improved chances of getting high scores. Above all, it is better to submit work that you did yourself and be proud of it than the one you just copied online that won’t make you feel good at all.

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