Copy Checker

It’s becoming increasingly important that your academic work is entirely unique and bears no resemblance to any texts that can be found online and in university databases. There’s so much text on the Internet nowadays that you could end up repeating someone else’s words by pure chance without even realizing it. Whether you’ve paraphrased another piece of work or you’re worried about inadvertently copying someone else, use an advanced copy checker tool to help you avoid making such a costly mistake.

The Cost of Plagiarism

paper plagiarism checkerFor any academic endeavor to be truly worthwhile, your work needs to be completely free of any material that even slightly resembles the work of another student or academic. Using a duplicate copy checker is the simplest way to make sure that you don’t fall foul of your colleges justifiably strict plagiarism rules.

Being accused of plagiarism is a significant stain upon your character even when it’s unwarranted and ultimately proven to be a false claim. Thousands of students are forced to rewrite their work every year as a result of suspected plagiarism, and those are the lucky ones as many students are outright finished from their college for copying someone else’s work. Use a duplicate copy checker tool to make sure that you don’t end up like these unfortunate souls.

The Advanced Functions of Our Duplicate Content Checking Tool

duplicate copy checkerWhether or not you tried to copy plagiarism checker tools will make sure that your text is sufficiently different from any source material you may have used. Consider the advanced features of our duplicate content checking tool below.

  • To make sure that you can never be accused of trying to copy plagiarism checker tools as advanced as ours compare your text to a vast range of existing published works. We examine publicly available texts as well as those stored on university servers and those published in academic journals.
  • The whole point of our service is to offer plagiarism checking free of any charge. You shouldn’t have to pay through the teeth to make sure that your work passes muster before you submit it to your professors. By using our tool, you’ll be helping us to keep offering plagiarism checking free of cost.
  • Our content copy checker highlights the sections of your text which resemble others even slightly, allowing you the chance to change these bits before you submit your writing to your college examiners.
  • Our content copy checker also demonstrates where you’ve made mistakes in grammar, syntax, and spelling. One of the quickest ways in which someone can be picked up for plagiarism is when they’ve copied the same errors as those made by the original author of a given text.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in the First Place

duplicate content checker onlineThere are several things you can do to avoid plagiarism before you submit your work to be analyzed by our paper plagiarism checker. It’s worth trying to refrain from making the mistakes that lead to plagiarism before you resort to using a duplicate content checker online. It’s good academic practice that’ll stand you in good stead for your future career, whether it’s in academia or a professional sphere.

  • Don’t copy anything exactly as it’s written. If you do, then make sure that you enclose the quote in the appropriate punctuation and provide a viable citation for readers to follow.
  • Always put source texts into your own words. The skill of paraphrasing is more important than ever before and you’ll need to make sure that you know exactly how to rewrite texts.
  • When you do end up quoting someone else’s work or their words, you have to use it exactly as it appears. At least then you’ll have demonstrated that your quotation was deliberate, intentional and with all due to respect to the originator.
  • It may sound rather bizarre but you can actually get accused of plagiarism for taking direct but unreferenced quotes from your own academic work written previously. Make sure you take the same approach to plagiarism even when dealing with your own work.
  • To ensure that your usage of other people’s words is considered correct and above board, you must follow the formatting guidelines prescribed by your college. The information you need to state is detailed and highly specific, so make sure you get it right first time.

Learning to Alter Texts Yourself

content copy checkerKnowing how to paraphrase your sources without revealing their origin directly is a skill that’s really worth mastering. While a paper plagiarism checker can highlight your errors, it’s better to avoid having made these mistakes in the first place. While it’s wonderful to have access to a great anti-plagiarism checker like ours, you might be wise not to rely solely on a duplicate content checker online, no matter how good it is.

Consider the tips below and you’ll be able to use our anti-plagiarism checker as an adjunct to your writing approach rather than as a vital crutch without which you could not succeed.

  • Learn how to paraphrase other texts properly so that you can use them without having to cite a source every single thing you write.
  • While you shouldn’t blatantly plagiarize, it can be hard to avoid using the same terminology and descriptions of phenomena as other people have employed. Don’t copy more than two words in a row and you should be safe.
  • After doing this, use online software as a means of double-checking your work.

Being accused of plagiarism is a very dangerous thing to happen and it can be difficult to remove such a black mark from your record even if you didn’t actually intend to copy anyone. Use an expertly developed copy checker to make sure that your texts are 100% unique and completely free of duplicate content.

Use an academically approved copy checker to make sure your work is wholly original. With the right tools at hand, you’ll surely achieve great success.