How to Remove Plagiarism: 5 Effective Paraphrasing Techniques

According to Plagiarism Search, even high achievers in high school admitted to cheating, and the figure is 80% of them. This is the result of the US Surveys and World Report. You don’t have to become a part of statistics if you know how to use paraphrasing techniques that will help you get rid of plagiarism in your essay. You don’t also have to be like 85% of college students who believed that cheating could help them do well in schools. So, in what way our copy plagiarism checker could help you and how to remove plagiarism?

What Are the Best Ways for Paraphrasing?

There are several ways on how to perform paraphrasing and how to remove plagiarism; the following are the best techniques to help you avoid plagiarism through rewriting the text.

some techniques to paraphrasing

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  • Aside from embedding the author’s name, you must also don’t forget about using word signals, such as…
    • Says that
    • States that
    • As identified by
    • Asserts that
    • Suggests that
    • Contrasts that
  • Learn how to restate and reorder words. To avoid plagiarism, you must be able to develop the useful skill that will help you in repackaging the sentences and make them appear like new. For example, you may want to use signals, such as “This issue involves, highlights, focuses on…” You can also change the order of the sentence, although in using such paraphrasing techniques, see to it that you’re still coming up with the same meaning as what you’re rewording. You may also be changing the word flow or changing the sentence structure. In order to come up with the best results, check for same meaning of the text you’re rephrasing.
  • Learn how to evaluate and synthesize, one of the best paraphrasing techniques to use if you want to repackage the sentences and make them appear new.
  • Another technique used in rendering the text is to make use of signposts or word indicators – including however, therefore and so many more. They’re used when people want to indicate that the idea is borrowed from another source.
  • Do not forget highlighting the main ideas, including concepts and phrases, from the source. You must also avoid looking to the source when rewriting to avoid slowing down the process of paraphrasing.

Don’ts of Paraphrasing

If you want to learn techniques for paraphrasing, you need to understand some of the most common mistakes committed by students and professionals when they want to come up with a new version of their text. For example, you might have found a good content, and you want to make use of it in your essay. You can use some techniques to paraphrasing but also remember the following don’ts.

  • Avoid looking at the source when rewriting. This will just slow down the process and it will take you much longer than you would without looking at it when paraphrasing. If you want to learn effective paraphrasing techniques, you must take down notes for clues and keywords that you can refer to later when you’re paraphrasing.
  • Not citing the source correctly is another mistake to avoid. If not, the similarity checker between two documents might detect your content and find that it is not using proper citation. Not citing your source is a form of plagiarism. That is why you should ensure that you have it for every idea you’re borrowing from a source, even if you are paraphrasing it.
  • Not understanding exactly what the text is about when paraphrasing. If you commit this mistake, the online content copy checker will find your content to be duplicating the source because you have high tendency to rewrite word for word or using the same style or verbatim of the original author.

paraphrasing techniques and tips

Final Checking Your Paper

To ensure that your essay or paper is free from any hits or traces of plagiarism, you must use the online content copy checker. It is a useful tool in ensuring that the essay or content you will submit is unique. In that case, you can also be certain that you can avoid any copyright issues. Use the online content copy checker that will help you spot for any copied content.

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To check your paper for plagiarism, you must check if you have properly cited your sources. Even if you’re rewriting, you need to know that citing sources is also required. This is in order to give credit to the source of the ideas you included in your paper. You must also be able to read and compare your work with your sources to find any similarities with the sentence structures you have used as well as to eliminate any wording that you have directly copied from your source. Additionally, you should be able to check if you have listed all the references you have used in your research paper.

There you have a complete guide to help you come up with an original text and save yourself from any trouble of copying and pasting your source directly. Refer to this guide when looking for ways on how to get rid of plagiarism in your essay.

Have no idea on how to remove plagiarism?Use paraphrasing techniques today!