Plagiarism Tracker: Plagiarized Examples from Princeton

Plagiarism or duplicated data is a crime. Just like other forms of crime like theft, the legal penalties depend on the severity of the copied content, including on sentence construction or repeated information. According to plagiarism.org, most cases of the plagiarism are misdemeanors and it is punishable with fines between $100 up to $50,000 and up to one year in jail. And any plagiarism tracker could prevent such consequences.

In addition, plagiarism or coming up with a used source without citation can be considered as a felony under federal laws and state laws. For instance, if the plagiarist copies as well as earned over $2,500 from the copied material, he might have to pay up to $250,000 fines and spend up to 10 years in jail. So, what you can to get from using a paper similarity checker?

Content Duplication Checker: Classification of Materials That Can Be Plagiarized

There are many classifications of materials that can be plagiarized, and you need to know that written materials are not the only ones that were copied, some done through copy-pasting, but also videos, codes, and others. Here are materials that can be plagiarized:

  • Written text: You commit plagiarism if you unacknowledged direct quotation or if you copied verbatim passages. Also, you will be accused of plagiarism if you select passages as well as phrases without proper acknowledgment. You also commit plagiarism if you paraphrase text at the same time maintaining the sentence structure and basic paragraph.
  • Computer text: The fact is that you can also be accused of plagiarism if you copied computer text online. You commit plagiarism if you copied codes verbatim as well. In addition, plagiarized code structure having inconsequential changes is plagiarizing.

Note on plagiarism in the computer programs: The organization courses, which involve computer programming, vary from one school to another. In different courses, you need to work with other groups for guidance, so it is essential to be aware of the citation policies of your school in completing your programming assignments.

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Penalties for Plagiarizing

  • Academic reputation: Plagiarism can cause suspension. The fact is that their academic record reflects their ethics offense that will cause the student not to be accepted from entering a university. Keep in mind that universities have academic integrity committees. There are numerous schools that suspend students even though if it is their first time to commit plagiarism. If they commit it again, they will be expelled. Y0u must use a unique content checker to avoid this problem. There are many consequences of plagiarism around the world, especially when it comes to academics. When you commit plagiarism, your academic career will be ruined. If you published a paper or books with the ideas of others and without proper citing,
  • Professional reputation: A politician, public figure or businessperson will affect their professional reputation if they commit plagiarism. Aside from stepping down or being fired, they will have a hard time to find another job. But whatever level of offense they commit, it will definitely affect or ruin their career. You can avoid it from happening to you with a content checker.
  • Legal repercussions: When it comes to legal repercussions, plagiarism has serious penalties. You cannot just use the material of the other without reference and citation. The author has the right to sue the plagiarist because he does not make any referencing or citing to him or her. Plagiarism is a criminal offense and it can lead to a prison sentence. To avoid this, writers need to be aware of ways to avoid plagiarism as well as know about copyright laws. Plagiarism is a legal issue and a serious offense, but you can avoid its effects by using a copy tracker plagiarism.
  • Monetary repercussions: In a case where the author uses the plagiarism, the author can be granted with monetary repercussions. If the journalists work for newspaper, magazine or any other publisher, the plagiarist needs to pay the author monetary penalties.

Using Plagiarism Tracker

The copy tracker plagiarism or so-called anti-plagiarism checker is best to use because it helps you detect copied text or codes that you have in your paper. The best thing is that there are free checkers online that you can use, especially if you do not have a budget. On the other hand, there are things you need to consider if you want to use online plagiarism tracker and here are some of them.

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How to Use an Online Plagiarism Tracker

  • Check for the reputable content checker
  • Visit the site to know if the unique content checker is free to use or not
  • Search for content duplication checker that have a high ranking online
  • Read forums and online community about best online duplicate checkers

Be aware of plagiarism to avoid this problem in writing. Finally, always keep in mind that plagiarism is a crime and that there are many penalties for committing it. You can always seek help from a content duplication checker to help you eliminate the problem in writing.

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